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The pandemic brought us many uncertainties and created some fears of the future. But at the same time new business opportunities are rising. After many months of slow down, seeing most major networking events cancelled and leaving a big gap in the ecosystem, it is very important to reboot the startup ecosystem by providing an opportunity for the startups, investors and other stakeholders to meet. For now, safely and efficiently, in an online environment. We need new connections and deals to be done to reboot the ecosystem properly back to the great growth we have been experiencing in the recent years. As the most efficient matchmaking event in the Nordics, Arctic15 has an important role in facilitating these deals. Building trust is essential to close any new deals and it is harder at the moment as the parties are not able to meet face-to-face. However, the virtual environment is now the key to make new connections and cherish the old ones. Arctic15 Online startup event connects people with our traditional matchmaking and networking focused mindset and welcomes everyone who supports innovation and entrepreneurship, to be part of it.

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We detect the challenges of the demand side and tap our international network to select the companies that suit better to solve their needs. This a win-win formula for everyone involved. We get coordinated with your team to be on your side along the identification of those business opportunities – with a high impact on your strategy. Once detected, we select the best companies for you to choose your tech partner. They asked Ticbiomed for advice.

Matchmaking & Business Development. Save time & money. For Startups it often takes hundred of emails and meetings to get in touch with customers and.

The main goal of the survey was to find out more information on how to conduct business and do investments online without the possibility of face-to-face meetings. While analyzing the results, we discovered several interesting things and decided to highlight a few ones first before letting you dig in deeper. The willingness to participate in an online matchmaking event is very high. With the removal of face-to-face events until further notice the need to connect with new people is still vivid.

So both are very optimistic? Better to prepare for some tough negotiations ahead, but in a positive way. When we reflect this to investors saying that they expect to be able take face-to-face meetings again in about months, things seem to get a bit tight. But here is the good news, especially for those startups with urgency. This probably means that some data verification solutions are needed. Overall, we can definitely see a positive drive and high willingness to stay active, to try new online solutions and to get deals done regardless of the uncertainty in the moment.

Thank you very much for everyone that participated and contributed, your voice is now heard, and shared for others to listen too.

Startup-investor online matchmaking survey’s results

Register for free to our services and get the newsletter. With more participants the platform is now open for new participants. This year’s annual Startup Days is scheduled to take place in October. The platform is based on the Startup INVEST’s matchmaking platform, used by thousands of participants attending their events during the past years. The free of charge virtual match-making is up and running and in high demand.

STARTUPS MEET INVESTORS AND CORPORATES. Switzerland’s best corporates use our unrivaled network in the Swiss and European startup ecosystems to.

Founded – Startup Matchmaking is a matchmaking app that helps early-stage entrepreneurs to discover startup people nearby. You can search for talented people by skills, meet like-minded people and find co-founders for your startup. Hacker: A hacker is a person who can build digital products. They can bring any internet idea into reality.

Hipster: A Hipster is a person who can make products prettier and easy to use. They relate code, art and user needs. Hustler: A Hustler is a person who can sell products, find talents and partners, motivates teammates but never gives up. Find “Betalist” on Founded App in the communities section and enter the Betalist community code: frontpage to meet early adopters like you.

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Valuer creates digital workflows that connect companies to future markets and new business opportunities. Valuer offers two distinct products for all stages of the digital innovation workflow. From discovering disruptive markets to crowdsourcing technology and selecting new applications and critical business models.

Matchmaking startups with the right corporates. Screen through our initiatives and grab the chance to grow your business.

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Corporate meets Startup: 3 reasons why you should participate in tailored Matchmaking events

When it was born in its goal was to promote Japanese exports. However, it currently focuses its efforts on two areas: promoting foreign investment in Japan and maximizing the export potential of Japanese small and medium enterprises. The program included four months of training with Lean Startup methodologies, mentoring and pitch preparation. We know the market and we know that the big companies are looking for a joint business and to be able to scale.

Therefore, we reach out to Japanese startups, we analyze the business, what they do, how they do it or what their interests are to offer them networking with large companies.

Discover leading startups and corporations paving the way for the 11th sustainability goal. The forecast covers market opportunities, technology trends, and.

EDP is a multinational, vertically integrated utility company. Throughout its 40 years of history, it has been building a relevant presence in the world energy scene, being present in 16 countries, in 4 continents. The company has around EDP provides electricity to almost 10 million customers. For EDP, innovation is the energy with which we project our leadership into the future. To innovate is to apply creativity in the search for new opportunities, improving processes, exploring collaborative practices in the design, production and delivery of services and promote research, technological development and knowledge management.

EDP is a part of a Global Alliance of energy utilities with a program focused on business development and promotion of scale ups. It is becoming one of the most well known programs in the energy space. Find out more about Free Electrons. A final event will premier the best startups of each local module.

The startup for matchmaking startups with big business makes its pitch

Business models evolve with time, sometimes due to changes in the market and sometimes due to advent of technology, resulting in emergence of new exciting trends. We at Tracxn closely track the startup ecosystem from across the world and we have come across a whole lot of interesting new themes which are gaining popularity, one of them being Matchmaking Platforms.

Globally there are Matchmaking Platforms companies, and here is the list of the 10 most interesting ones:. Online matrimony service. Claims to have 2.

Energy Startups Matchmaking. About EDP. EDP is a multinational, vertically integrated utility company. Throughout its 40 years of history, it has been building a.

The event consists of 5-minute pitching sessions and negotiation modules. After the pitches, there will be a networking session to allow these various groups of people to interact and find potential collaborators. Last year, our startups received great attention from the investors and people looking for employment opportunities. He also pointed out the importance of providing innovative mechanisms to facilitate the necessary funding needs for these start-ups especially in the early stages and that is by approaching the largest number of investors in one pool.

He also emphasises on the success of this event, as in previous years. Mahmoud Abdullatif-Director of the Entrepreneurship Center said that the development of practical aspects and skills of entrepreneurship for startups is key role of this event.

Startup Matchmaking: Find A Co-Founder, Build Your Team, or Join A Startup

Are you building a startup and want to share your story? Do you have tips for entrepreneurs, or insights to MENA industries? Submit your article with a photo and we’ll get in touch with you. Meet the new Saudi app letting mentors and entrepreneurs build the mentorship relationship they need. Mashora is the latest app by Bab Rizq Jameel Services, the Jeddah-based veteran entrepreneurship hub focused on digital solutions to startup needs.

Ali Akgül Hacker.

We work with a portfolio of leading-edge startups ready to create value with and for you. We help you to define the optimal engagement approach, get started and scale your activities. We identify, validate and set up value creating collaborations with relevant startups in your fields of interest. We equip you with all relevant business development and sales knowledge and skills in order to scale faster and more efficiently. Services for corporations Services for startups.

Services for corporations Collaborate with our portfolio startups: Portfolio startups We work with a portfolio of leading-edge startups ready to create value with and for you. Accelerate your startup activities: Corporate Innovation Services CIS We help you to define the optimal engagement approach, get started and scale your activities. Capture opportunities beyond our portfolio startups: Match-Making as a Service MMaaS We identify, validate and set up value creating collaborations with relevant startups in your fields of interest.

Services for startups We maximize the impact of your go-to-market: Sales Acceleration We equip you with all relevant business development and sales knowledge and skills in order to scale faster and more efficiently. Karta Created with Sketch. Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2 Match-Makers. See more. Stay updated. Subscribe to the MMV newsletter Subscribe.

5 amazing matchmaking sites for startups to connect with investors online

It brings to mind scenes in which two strangers sit awkwardly facing each other, closely watched by their parents and not knowing what to say. Fear not, though, because matchmaking in the 21st century is nothing like it used to be two hundred years ago. Nowadays, it uses AI algorithms and is fully voluntary. The concept has also expanded well beyond romantic matches.

You can now get matched or connected with employees you seek, caterers you need for your business, or people who could clean your home or fix your tech issues.

#Investor/Startups Matchmaking Event# Giving investors a good overview of the Akershus startups landscape, and bring to startups serial experiences from.

Many companies offer playful innovation training, others travel from one innovation fair to the next. We offer you collaborative innovation by bringing you methodically together with matching start-ups and innovators. The organization was excellent, and the meetings with startup managers provided us with some important insights.

All participants liked it very much and we certainly see possibilities of cooperation with the startups you selected. Thanks a lot! I was impressed by the quality of the participants who Ambivation invited to our first meeting.

Smatchup – Matchmaking Startups and Business Professionals

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