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The success of the Web service paradigm has led to a proliferation of available services. While sophisticated semantic functional discovery mechanisms have been invented to overcome UDDI’s syntactic solution, the number of functionally equivalent Web services returned is still large. The solution to this problem is the description of the non-functional aspect of Web services, in particular quality of service QoS , which is directly related to their performance. We are currently developing a semantic framework, which includes ontologies and matchmaking algorithms, for the semantic QoS-based description and discovery of Web services. The aim of this work is to develop a complete framework for the semantic QoS-based description and discovery of Web services. This framework will consist of ontological specifications for the semantic description of QoS of Web services, QoS metrics and specification matchmaking algorithms for the QoS-based Web service discovery and a prototype system implementation for managing these specifications and algorithms. Each QoS attribute is measured by one or more QoS metrics, which specify the measurement method, schedule, unit, value range, authority and other measurement details. A QoS specification offer or demand of a Web service is materialized as a set of constraints on certain set of QoS metrics. These constraints restrict the metrics to have values in a certain range or in a certain enumeration of values, or to have just one value.

Service matchmaking: exploiting the Web

I started with two vague assumptions driving my Ph. First, linked open data can serve as a better infrastructure for online markets. Second, matchmakers operating in this infrastructure can remove some friction from conducting business transactions in the markets, thereby making the market allocation more efficient. What I needed to play with these ideas was a market in which data on both supply and demand is available.

First of all, there is no specification of the QoS demand of the consumer. Secondly, the matchmaking process is not defined. The approaches of Web service level agreement (SLA) (Keller & Ludwig, ) and Web service management.

This document is based on a review of requirements gathered from a number of different environments to identify the scope and potential requirements for this Semantic Web Services architecture. SWSI started in the autumn of based on common interest of the researchers involved. This document describes abstract protocols for interactions between clients and Semantic Web Services and proposes other support services that may be needed in some contexts to fulfill the basic requirements of the proposed architecture.

Our goal is that this architecture provides a foundation that will support a variety of semantically enabled service deployments in a variety of current and future distributed environments, especially those building on the World Wide Web. We anticipate that the architecture will also indicate requirements for Semantic Web service description languages which are being designed by our sister committee, the SWSI Language Committee. Our approach to developing an architectural framework for Semantic Web Services is based on an identified set of roles and requirements for machine interpreted semantic descriptions in the deployment of Semantic Web Services to different distributed environments, addressed in our previously released Requirements Document.

This document summarizes and builds on the prior one by describing protocols between interacting entities or agents that can interpret and reason with these descriptions to achieve those required functions. We are focused specifically on capabilities that extend the potential range of web services in the direction of dynamic interoperability over extended life cycles, while at the same time addressing concerns about security, reliability, and flexible means of recovery from interpretation and execution problems that can occur in such open and evolving environments.

The SWSA interoperability architecture covers the following classes of support functions to be accomplished by Semantic Web agents service providers, requestors, and middle agents. While not all operational environments will find it necessary to support all functions to the same degree, we anticipate that the distributed functions to be addressed by this architecture will include:.

The architecture described below is based on abstract protocols and functional descriptions of capabilities, rather than specific software modules or components.

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Web Service Contracts: Specification and Matchmaking

The tasks involved in making cloud services available, such as matchmaking, selection and composition, are essential and closely related to each other. Integration of these tasks is critical for optimal composition and performance of the cloud service platform. More efficient solutions could be developed by considering cloud service tasks collectively, but the research and academic community have so far only considered these tasks individually.

Concerning contracts on Web service QoS, the literature has mostly focused on for the automation of the Web service contract specification and establishment. a matchmaking algorithm for the ranking of functionally equivalent services.

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Nunes EMO. The AWSCS is a system to implement different approaches for automatic composition of Web services and also to execute the resulting flows from these approaches. Aiming at demonstrating the results of this paper, a scenario was developed, where empirical flows were built to demonstrate the operation of AWSCS, since algorithms for automatic composition are not readily available to test. The results allow us to study the behaviour of running composite Web services, when flows with the same functionality but different problem-solving strategies were compared.

Furthermore, we observed that the influence of the load applied on the running system as the type of load submitted to the system is an important factor to define which approach for the Web service composition can achieve the best performance in production.

proaches, such as WS-Agreement, describe Web services by enu- merating the various In this paper, we present an OWL ontology for the specification tologies that are plugged in for the matchmaking of attribute values. Web Service​.

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Java web service application development with JAX RPC API in CONTRACT FIRST approach.

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